After The Fall Guitarist Justin Lowe Found Dead At 32: Suffered Mental Illness (VIDEO)


Guitarist Justin Lowe found dead after going missing

Justin Lowe, the former After the Burial guitarist, had been suffering from mental illness and went missing on Saturday.

Sadly, Lowe’s body was discovered by a hiker near the St. Croix River in Somerset, WI. Authorities believe the musician died from a fall. He was 32.

Justin had left the band following a paranoid Facebook rant while recording their album last month.

Lowe went off on a rant, claiming his reasons for leaving included a series of events involving the alleged sabotage of his computer, a set up that included the staging of a friend’s death, and allegations of drugs, abuse and sexual impropriety.

Justin Lowe's body found near St. Croix River in Somerset, WI

Here’s an interview with Justin from 2013:

The band held off on commenting a couple of days, revealing that the musician had actually gone missing and that he was in a broken state of mind. They worried making a statement could impair the search for him.

Justin Lowe’s body was found near the St. Croix River in Somerset, WI by a hiker early Tuesday beneath the Arcola High Bridge.

After the Burial guitarist dead at 32

Authorities say that the cause of death was consistent with a fall. His vehicle had been found at a parking lot on the Minnesota side of the bridge.

This is just so sad. Mental illness is no joke. Our condolences and thoughts go out to his family and bandmates.

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