Conan O’Brien Enjoys “Girls Night Out” To See Magic Mike XXL (VIDEO)


Conan O'Brien joins girls night at Magic Mike XXL

Late night host Conan O’Brien joined some of his female staffer’s as they enjoyed a ladies night to check out Magic Mike XXL.

The women cringed a bit when Conan tried out his own stripper moves, especially when he busted it out in public at the movie theater’s lobby. Check it out!

Conan removed his shirt as the women tried to shield their eyes from the sight.

His floor humping moves also need quite a bit of work.

Manganiello previously gave O’Brien a few tips, but he needs to practice up. Check out Joe’s little lesson here.

Conan admits that he doesn’t know a lot about the film that has been causing his female staff to ‘freak out,’ but joked that he assumed it was about a ‘very heavy magician.’

O’Brien told the ladies he is actually friends with Magic Mike XXL stars ‘Chay-tay-tay’ [Channing] and Joe, assuring them that Manganiello “doesn’t look like that in real life”.

Magic Mike XXL cast new pictures

The host held up some promotional shots from the film, asking the women, “what’s different between this guy and me?”

One co-worker answered, “I think he might have a little bit of a tan,’ joking about the host’s fair complexion”

Conan treated the women to a limo ride with champagne and glow sticks on the way to the theater, even stopping off for a quick dinner.

Conan O'Brien in limo for ladies night


He invited a waitress wanting to check out the movie to come along too.

While waiting in the lobby, Conan showed off his dance moves, which led to one mother leading her child away from the group.

Conan O'Brien tries his moves in the movie theater lobby

Conan appeared to be a little lost during the movie, but then said he was heading home because he was exhausted.

Conan hops into bed as the camera pans over to hottie, Joe Manganiello, lying beside him.

Conan O'Brien in bed with Joe Manganiello

Joe rolls over to cuddle with the comedian, with O’Brien quipping, “No sex tonight”.

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Images: Conan/Magic Mike


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