Chrissy Teigen Shares Photo Taken For Cookbook: Balances Plate Of Chicken On Her Butt


John Legend & Chrissy Teigen pics

Chrissy Teigen is doing a different type of cookbook and shared a photo for the upcoming book on Instagram.

The 29-year-old model is shown on a pool lounger with a plate of chicken balanced on her derriere, with her husband John Legend grabbing for a piece.

The model captioned star, who looked stunning in a pair of pink mirrored sunglasses, teased her husband as he reached for some chicken.

Chrissy Teigen balances plate of chicken on her booty

In a video, he is shown trying to help himself as she tenses up her butt and moves the plate out of reach.

She captioned the short video, “Whats up chicken butt.”

The singer also posted a close up of her face, showing off her perfect pout with a vivid orange-red shade of lipstick.

Chrissy Teigen gorgeous lipstick color

Chrissy said of her cookbook, “This is definitely a different kind of cookbook.”

The pair were also shown tucking in to some frito pie. Yum!

Chrissy Teigen enjoying Frito Pie with hubby

One of her followers commented, “How do u eat and stay so slim?”

Chrissy, who has been enjoying a European break with her husband, clearly doesn’t have to watch her weight to closely.

Teigen shared a photo of the couple in Naples with a table full of various pizzas and wine.

The model told her Instagram followers that eating pizza in the city has been a long-held ambition, writing alongside the snap, “pizza in Naples #bucketlist.”

We actually love Chrissy. She seems down-to-earth, previously sharing a photo of her stretchmarks to show she is certainly not perfect.

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