Check Out Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Ode To MILFS “Sexy Motha” (VIDEO)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sexy Mothas

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is simply adorable has given his female fans another reason to adore him.

The 34-year-old actor sings about why he prefers dating sexy mothers better than younger women.  Check out the hilarious video!

The Inception actor appears with musician Andrew Rose Gregory of The Gregory Brothers, giving men tips on what to really look for in a woman.

Levitt says he gets turned on by organic food, hearing Dr. Seuss read aloud, and a woman with a big vocabulary.

The silly video starts with Gordon-Levitt’s friend telling him to check out a hot girl in the park.

Gordon-Levitt dismisses her as “not his type”, urging his friend to check out a mother pushing a stroller.

The actor explains it’s time to for men to ditch ‘cave man’ thinking and focus on what really matters – finding a good mom to love.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves moms

Joseph says, “We’ve evolved so stop thinking like a Neanderthal. Sure I like boobies too but dude let me tell you that ain’t all”.

Levitt sings, “And if she’s putting love into it when she’s raising her child I want to combine our DNA right now”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves moms

The actor then climbs into bed with a mother, saying, “I’m sorry I rumpled your duvet but I had to work on that booty. Because a woman with a child always drives me wild.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves moms

In a later part of the video, Joseph sings, “She got a minivan with those roll-down seats. We can pull over it and get it while the baby’s asleep”.

The guys also add that a  kid ‘can be my built-in mini best buddy. We can play Nintendo after I help him study.’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves moms

The Don Jon actor sings, “Moms love unconditionally. Just a bit of that love would be enough for me”.

This reminds me a bit of The Lonely Island Guys with Justin Timberlake, which is also hilarious.

This video is NSFW for offensive language:

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