Cara Delevingne’s Interview With Good Day Sacramento Is Cringe-worthy (VIDEO)


Cara Delevingne's news interview goes horribly wrong

Cara Delevingne has been busy promoting her latest movie, an adaptation of John Green’s popular novel Paper Towns.

The model and actress had a late night from the premiere the evening before, obviously a little tired during her early interview on Good Day Sacramento. The news anchors were a little rude in our opinion.

The 22-year-old appeared on their morning show to discuss the film, which started off on the wrong fit as she was introduced as “Carla”.

Delevingne has a sarcastic sense of humor, something the news anchors don’t appear to understand.

She was asked if she was “too busy” to actually read the book Paper Towns before taking on the role.

Cara sarcastically replied, “Uh, no I never read the book, or the script. I kind of winged it”.

See Cara Delevingne's awkward news station interview

She went on to gush over how ‘amazing’ she thought it was.

The actress added, “John Green is an incredible author, so really if you haven’t read his books, you should”.

She was asked if keeping so busy recently with work helped her function better.

Delevingne obviously thought that was a rather absurd question (which it was), replying, “No, I don’t know where that comes from. No.”

She did admit her schedule is “crazy”, but it’s “not that hard” because she’s working at something she’s wanted since she was a little girl.

The actress adds, “I’m living my dream”.

Cara Delevingne interviewed by rude reporters

The anchors asked about her character in the movie, Margo.

One of the reporters asked, “Do you have anything in common with her [Margo] ?”

Cara sarcastically joked, “No, I actually hate her.”

She said that actually she felt connected to the character because in reading the script she came across lines that she herself had said before.

San Diego news station anchors rude to Cara Delevingne?

A third news anchor chimed in, noting that she appeared “more excited” in previous interviews.

He asked, “Are you just exhausted?”

She revealed, “The premiere was last night. It was a very emotional night, felt like the end of an era. But I’m not any less excited than I was a couple of weeks ago.”

Cara also reminded them “it is the morning” and she was obviously tired.

San Diego anchors don't get Cara Delevingne's dry sense of humor

They became a little rude, stating that the actress appeared “a bit irritated”, before adding, “perhaps it’s just us.”

Delevingne quipped, “Yeah, yeah, I think it’s just you”.

Cara Delevingne treated rudely as she promoted Paper Towns?

Although the anchors were being a bit rude and not understanding her sense of humor, the female anchor stated, “We’ll let you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull, how about that?”

The actress was a little offended, quietly replying, “Too far” before the video feed cut out.

San Diego morning show interview with Cara Delevingne rather awkward

We are certain those press tours are exhausting, especially being asked the same questions a zillion times.

Did you find Cara rude or her sense of humor just misunderstood?

Trailer of Paper Towns:

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