Bill Cosby Admits Using Fame (And Drugs) For Sex: Paid Women Hush Money


Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby

Bill Cosby’s disgusting behavior is being brought into the light, with the former Cosby Show star admitting in 2005 that he used fame and drugs to sleep with vulnerable women.

He also admits he paid the victims money so his wife wouldn’t find out.

The disgraced comedian was interviewed in a Philadelphia hotel over four days by a lawyer acting on behalf of a 30-year-old Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

Cosby admitted to engaging Constand in a conversation about her father’s cancer with the sole aim of then having sex with her.

The deposition was thought to have been confidential as part of the lawsuit settlement, but the New York Times obtained the documents through a court-reporting service.

Bill described a sexual act he had with Constand, explaining why he believed it to be consensual.

He stated, “I walk her out. She does not look angry. She does not say to me, ‘don’t ever do that again,’ he said. She doesn’t walk out with an attitude of a huff, because I think that I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them”.

Andrea Constand

Cosby has repeatedly denied all alleged sexual assault, though dozens of women have accused him of such acts.

In the deposition, Cosby discussed keeping his wife Camille from finding out he was having sex with other women.

He explained blocking a magazine article to avoid publicity and paying money through a private account with his agent to one woman so ‘Mrs Cosby’ wouldn’t find out about their relations.

Cosby claims he only gave Constand Benadryl, but was open about his use of quaaludes.

Bill Cosby drugged and raped women

He said he obtained seven prescriptions for the drug from a Los Angeles doctor over the course of two or three years. He claimed it was for a sore back, but actually gave the drug to women.

Cosby said he gave women the drug at that time ‘the same as a person would say have a drink’, but without them knowing.

The release of the deposition came as former Playboy model Victoria Valentino claimed Cosby had plied her with drugs to make her ‘feel better’ after the death of her son before raping her.

Victoria Valentino pics
Victoria Valentino, now 72, says Cosby drugged her and a friend during dinner after he bumped into them at Cafe Figaro in Hollywood in February 1970, and she had told him about the death of her six-year-old son, Tony, who had drowned in the swimming pool at her home.

Valentino said Cosby had taken her, and her friend Meg, to dinner at a steak restaurant called Sneaky Pete’s.

She claims he put two tablets in front of the women.

Valentino said, “He said they’d make us all feel better. I’d take anything that would make me feel better as I was hurting so much.

“Then he popped another one in my mouth. I started to spin. I couldn’t hold my head up, I couldn’t speak. I managed to say I wanted to go home and he said his driver would take me.”

Bill Cosby speaks for first time about sex assault allegations

But instead he took them to his office in the Hollywood Hills where he raped her as her friend lay unconscious.

Cosby is a vile human being, not only drugging women for sex.  But taking advantage of women that were heartbroken and vulnerable.

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