Paramedics Called To Charlie Sheen’s Home: Troubled Actor Had Food Poisoning?


Charlie Sheen appears on Extra 2015

Paramedics were called to the home of troubled actor Charlie Sheen on Monday night after reports he was suffering from a severe case of extreme food poisoning.

The 49-year-old star, or one of his assistants called for help at around 11 p.m. from his home in Los Angeles.

Sheen’s rep claimed Charlie was treated by paramedics at his home for food poisoning.

The strange part of this incident is that the fire department was called and not 911 (which records calls). Seems a bit suspicious to us!

The incident comes just days after the actor sent an abusive tweet to his ex wife Denise Richards.

Charlie tweeted and quickly deleted the message over the weekend.

Denise Richards pictures

His post read, “this rules, the name Denise Richards as an anagram or jumbled means; ‘Charred Insides,’ purr-fect” (along with an emoticon of a toilet).

There are reports that Sheen is upset that Denise, 43, is moving out of the Mullholland Estate where he is currently living and taking the couples two daughters Sam, 10, and Lola, nine, with her.

Denise Richards and her daughters

She is said to be planning the move as they are moving schools to a different area.

The last we heard Charlie had kicked his ex-wife out of the home he purchased for her on his street.  This came after he became engaged to a former porn star. That relationship has already ended.

Charlie also recently lost his show on FX.  Anger Management was given the axe in December 2014 after two seasons.

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