Leonardo DiCaprio Suing French Tabloid Over Story He Knocked Up Rihanna


Leonardo files lawsuit over Rihanna pregnancy reports

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly filed a lawsuit against French magazine, Oops!, after they claimed Rihanna is pregnant with his child.

The May issue of the publication reported that DiCaprio refuses to claim the alleged unborn child.  And Leo is not pleased.

The cover story declared that the 40-year-old actor got the 27-year-old singer pregnant.

DiCaprio’s attorney stated in the filed court documents that the rumored report is “pure fantasy.”

The actor’s team initially reached out to the French magazine about the false story, but the magazine didn’t care the story was not accurate.

Oops! magazine reports Rihanna is pregnant with Leonardo's baby

Oops magazine owner Frederic Truskolaski confirmed that his team knew that the story was not true.

His team assumed that Leonard DiCaprio and Rihanna were dating, but confirmed they had no clue if RiRi was pregnant.

Truskolaski stated, “We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course.”

Frederic, who received the lawsuit on Thursday, was shocked that DiCaprio was suing the magazine.  He thinks it may be the “first time an American superstar has sued a French magazine.”

Leonardo DiCaprio dating RIhanna?

The Wolf of Wall Street actor is not just suing Oops! for its false claim about the pregnancy. The magazine is also being sued under the strict right to privacy laws which is enforced in France.

According to the lawsuit, the magazine did not have the right to print any information about Leonardo DiCaprio nor publish multiple paparazzi photos of the Oscar-nominated actor in public.

DiCaprio is reportedly seeking the maximum amount in damages allowed by French law, $20,000.

If the publication does not print a retraction of its original story on a future cover, Leonardo’s team has also asked the court to add a fine of an additional $11,100.

Leonardo DiCaprio dating RIhanna?

There have been numerous reports that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna are dating.

Leonardo and Rihanna have confirmed to the public the status of their relationship.

Rihanna is normally public about her love life, but Leonardo tries to keep his relationships under the radar.

DiCaprio’s legal team and Oops are set to face off in a Paris court on June 16.

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