These Kids Know What’s Up On Gay Marriage (VIDEO)


One smart little girl!

Jimmy Kimmel taped a cute segment for Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, sending a producer and cameraman out to the street to find out if kids understand gay marriage.

There were a couple that were clueless, one little girl that totally gets it, while two little boys’ answers were just hilarious.

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling that made gay marriage legal in all 50 states, the late night host was curious if children understood what it all meant.

Kimmel said the clip was inspired by the frequent question posed by gay marriage critics, “How do I explain this to my kids?”

It appears that most kids not only understand, but are accepting of it.

One little girl either wanted to avoid answering the question or misunderstood, proudly stating, “I’ve got a broken leg”.

One little girl was sharp as a tack and knew exactly what gay marriage was about.

One smart little girl!

The little girl was asked if the concept of gay marriage was difficult to understand, responding, “For some kids!”

She adds that she thinks anyone should be able to get married if they were old enough.

The little girl added that she plans to get married, but adds it won’t be “until she’s 30”.

Kimmel did receive some rather funny answers from other kids, like the boy who was asked why someone would want to get married and responded, “Umm, because they’re pregnant?”

This kid thinks you marry if someone is pregnant

Another boy thought only men could get married, but certainly knew what they call women into other women.

We are guessing that the little boy could have divorced parents.

Kids asked about gay marriage on Jimmy Kimmel video

The little guy said he didn’t plan to ever get married, stating, “Because when you get married, the other person is entitled to any money the other person has.”

Images: Kimmel


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