Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt Gets A Scare In Dinosaur Prank (VIDEO)


Chris Pratt & wife Anna Faris at Jurassic World premiere

Jurassic World was a blockbuster hit over the weekend, raking in around $550 million worldwide.

Pratt may play a raptor trainer in the film, but the actor freaked out when he was pranked by very lifelike dinosaur puppets.  See his hilarious reaction!

The two-minute clip begins as the unsuspecting action star walks through a corridor with a four-person entourage.

Just as Pratt walked through a doorway, a waiting 7 ft. velociraptor roared and lunged at him.

Chris Pratt pranked with dino scare

The actor backed himself against a closed door, and then slumped down to the ground in defeat.

Polish YouTube prankster Sylwester Wardega had it set up to where two dinosaurs came charging towards Pratt.

Chris put his hand over his heart as he exclaimed, “Oh, sh*t”.

The actor was both impressed with the prank and a tad pissed that they got one over on him.

Pratt said to Wardega, “You motherf—ers!”

Chris Pratt scared with dinosaur prank video

He then looks at the realistic dinosaurs, saying, “These look great. Did you make these? What is this? Who are you?”

After a brief explanation, Pratt jokes, “How do you say f— you in Polish?”, before adding, “You got me, man. That was good.”

Chris Pratt scared with dinosaur prank video


He was a great sport about the whole thing of course!

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Images: wenn.com/Youtube


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