Jennifer Lopez Being Sued By Group In Morocco For Her Raunchy Performance


Morocco suing J-Lo for "tarnishing women's honor"

Jennifer Lopez has been sued for ‘tarnishing women’s honor’ in Morocco, with an education group in North Africa claiming she ‘disturbed public order” with her sexy dances and risque costumes.

The 45-year-old performed at the Mawazine International Music Festival on May 29, which was televised.

The lawsuit states that Lopez ‘disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.’

Jennifer and the concert promoter were named in the lawsuit, which could result in a prison term of up to two years.

The government is not directly involved in the lawsuit, but Morocco’s Minister of Communication did object to the televised performance.

Minister Mustapha Khalfi wrote on Twitter on May 30, “What was broadcast is unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law”.

Jennifer Lopez named in lawsuit

J-Lo’s performance was one of many during the 10-day festival, which also featured Usher, Sting, Akon, Pharrell, and Maroon 5.

More than 160,000 people attended the music festival in the capital city of Rabat.

Jennifer Lopez at MET Gala 2015

Lopez, who recently announced an upcoming residency in Las Vegas, has also started filming for her new police series Shades of Blue.

Jennifer stars as Detective Harlee Santos, a police officer that gets involved with a group of ‘dirty cops’.

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