INXS’ Kirk Pengilly Reveals Prostate Cancer Battle


Kirk Pengilly of INXS battled prostate cancer

INXS guitarist and saxophonist Kirk Pengilly has revealed he was previously battling prostate cancer, adding that he is certain cutting edge surgery saved his life.

Pengilly, 56, was told he had an aggressive form of cancer just before he flew to New Zealand with his wife, Layne Beachley.

Layne Beachley and husband Kirk Pengilly

He revealed, “We got the news the day before we flew to New Zealand for a 10-day wine and food extravaganza in February”.

The musician had a five-hour keyhole surgery at St. Vincents Private Hospital in Sydney.

A routine blood test in 2012 had shown that the guitarist had elevated prostate-specific antigen levels and doctor’s kept an eye on his health.

In 2014, his levels had spiked and doctors wanted to do an MRI, which showed a small black spot on the high side of the prostate.

Pengilly immediately researched prostate cancer and how it was best to have the entire gland removed.

He decided to go for a second opinion from Sydney surgeon Professor Phillip Stricker.

The bassist scored a nine of ten on the Gleason score that determines the severity of the cancer through a biopsy.

The doctor advised having the gland removed immediately to prevent spreading.

He underwent a five hour robotic operation in March and also has some of his lymph nodes removed to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else.

Thankfully he found out the cancer had been contained and his PSA test came back negative in May.

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