Happy Fathers Day 2015: Check Out These Fathers Winning At Being Parents (Photos)


    Happy Fathers Day 2015: Funny Fathers Day Photos

    Father’s Day honors all different kinds of dads. Some were loving, but strict, while some men really get into their parental role and have some fun.

    Check out these funny photos of fathers that go the extra mile and a few that need a little work on their parenting skills.

    As we all know…any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.

    Let’s take a look at how some men handle their children.  Some are hilarious!

    This dad is making the most of his special day, a little pool time and video games as he children wait on him hand and foot.

    Funny Father's day wins and fails

    Wow! Isn’t this one so true. But at least he is bonding with the boys!

    This is so true!

    This father is making his trip to Home Depot a little less boring by stepping out with his son in capes. Why not?

    Dad and son in capes at Home Depot

    Forget needed items at home. Well, never fear because Dad will come to the rescue. This is great!  In dad’s defense, it could have been an Adam & Eve bag.

    Now that is just mean Dad

    Dad is enjoying the view of boobs, while his son is thinking “lunch”!

    Dad showing son finer things in life

    This father figured out how to relax and “push” his daughter on the swing. Smart guy!

    Dads need a day off too

    Dad and his mini-me son enjoying a little television together.

    Father with son relaxing

    Dad getting a sweet makeover by his little girl. Tone it down dad or you will look like a whore.

    Little girl making daddy pretty

    Dad gets to play his video games and entertain kids. Little do they know, their controllers are unplugged. How many of us have used this trick?

    Tricky dad playing video games

    Dad is keeping fit and joined by his little ones. That’s a strong little baby!

    A little exercise with their military daddy

    Sometime dads have to keep the kids entertained while he plays video games. And he will have pretty toenails.

    Dad gets his toenails painted

    Well, at least he is putting in the effort. He needs some ballet flats though!

    Ballet dad needs some ballet slippers

    This father’s comments may be a little strange, but he obviously knows his daughter enjoys chocolate when she is on her period.

    This is a father than understands

    This awesome father doesn’t care what others think. His daughter is thrilled!

    Cool dad

    Poor girl.  Overprotective dad?

    Embarrassing father ruins prom?

    Dad with a great sense of humor!

    Jerk dad with great sense of humor

    That is a little too embarrassing. Poor girl!

    Guess she won't wear short shorts?

    This Dad knows how to freak mom out. Love it!

    Love this one

    This is hilarious and the kid appears oblivious. Fun at the zoo!

    Hilarious dad photo

    Who needs napkins when you have your tongue?

    Father licking ketchup off babies face

    Dad wanted to give baby a closer look at the camel. Oops! Poor kid!

    Oops, just wanted a closer look

    Dad with a funny sense of humor. Age doesn’t mean maturity. lol

    Funny dad

    Pretty accurate, but kids are pretty awesome.

    Is fatherhood what you pictured?

    Dad still helping out his son as an adult.

    Like father like son, like son

    Funny text messages with Dad. Ouch! But funny!

    Funny dad texts

    Funny dad text. Well, the son asked!

    Funny dad texts

    Funny dad text

    Funny dad texts

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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