Enrique Iglesias Undergoes Reconstructive Hand Surgery After Drone Incident


Enrique Iglesias grabs drone and gets injured

Enrique Iglesias had reconstructive hand surgery in Los Angeles after his fingers were sliced up during a recent concert in Tijuana, Mexico.

The singer was playing around with a drone used to take photos of his show, when his right hand made contact with the blades.

The singer was injured when he grabbed a drone camera during a show on Saturday.

Enrique was nearly an hour into his show when he reached for a camera attached to a drone, catching his fingers in the rotating blades.

Despite being badly cut and bleeding all over his clothes, Iglesias continued on with the show.

Enrique Iglesias grabs drone video

Concertgoers at Plaza de Toros de Playas posted photos on social media of Iglesias with blood all over his white T-shirt.

Enrique Iglesias a true pro after injury

The 40-year-old had surgery on Monday to repair the damage done to his fingers.

Enrique’s rep confirmed the singer had reconstructive hand surgery, adding that “he will resume his tour July 3 in Mexico City”.

A statement was released on Tuesday, stating, “His recent surgery lasted longer than expected since the damage ended up being a bit worse than initially assessed. He suffered a fracture that needed to be corrected in addition to the reconstructive surgery. He will be recovering during the next few weeks, but a full recovery is anticipated.”

Fans sent their well-wishes to the hunky singer, with many showing respect for the performer continuing the show after the injury.

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Images: wenn.com/Instagram/Twitter


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