Courtney Barnes’ Interview On A Wreck Makes The News Less Boring (VIDEO)


Courtney Barnes green hair talks wreck and Burger King

We enjoyed Antoine Dodson’s “bed intruder” news interview and Sweet Brown’s “ain’t nobody got time for that”, but there’s a new viral video of a guy/girl named Courtney Barnes that recounts a car accident that is pretty awesome. Courtney Barnes, a resident of Jackson, Mississippi, just made the boring news more exciting with the green ponytail and matching nails and those fake eyelashes with a bit too much glue.

Barnes witnessed an accident while on the way to Burger King, where he planned to get himself a “piece of burger”. But instead he saw a police car “twist around like a tornado, girl!”

Courtney Barnes' news interview goes viral

Barnes described the scene in a fabulous way, with what appeared to be genuine compassion.

The crash involved an officer from Jackson, Mississippi, who was hit while he drove his cruiser on June 8. He was hit by a man driving a white van who fled the scene.

That man was evading separate officers who were chasing him. Thankfully, the officer involved in the crash is going to pull through.

Green haired eyewitness to wreck in Mississippi video

Barnes, who actually was a two-time contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, is now a viral sensation. Check out this must-see interview below:

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