Chris Pratt Does A Mean Jason Statham In Cut SNL Sketch (VIDEO)


Chris Pratt as Jason Statham

Chris Pratt did his best impersonation of another Hollywood action star, Jason Statham, in a sketch for SNL that was cut from the show.

It’s now been released online and it’s pretty damn good!

In the previously unseen clip from Saturday Night Live, the 36-year-old mimics the Furious 7 star perfectly.

Chris Pratt does a great Jason Statham

Pratt donned a bald cap and leather jacket, stating, “Hello, I’m action movie star Jason Statham. And whether I’m shooting a beef fight scene or shooting a beef talking scene, I need a healthy snack that gives me a boost of energy.

“And that’s why now there’s Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums. How do you eat the Steakums? Easy.

“Once they’re hot, bring em up to you mouth normally, put the Steakum inside the open space that you mouth makes. You feel some pressure in the roof of your mouth and on the top of your tongue… it’s alright; it just means you’re ready to chew”.

Chris Pratt does a great Jason Statham
‘Now, open and close your mouth as if you’re talking. If you can’t think of anything to say, just say “Jason Statham’s Jason Skeakums”… if you feel like you’ve said it four to six times, simply push the Steakum to the back of your throat, and congratulations: You’ve just eaten your first Steakum.”

He nails Statham’s trademark stare as a fan approaches for an autograph, but is rejected.

Chris Pratt does a great Jason Statham

He finishes with the tag line, “Once you have one, you can’t have another… you body just can’t break em down”.

The sketch was filmed for Pratt’s hosting gig last September shortly after the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy, but was cut due to time restraints.

What do you think of Pratt’s impression of Statham?

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