Channing Tatum Disguises Himself At Magic Mike XXL “3D Screening” (VIDEO)


Channing Tatum dresses as dorky older man and pranks fans

Channing Tatum had a little fun at a recent screening of Magic Mike XXL, going undercover as an unattractive older man to prank unsuspecting fans.

The actor arranged a fake 3D screening of the movie to promote his Omaze campaign, treating one lucky lady to a lap dance.  Check it out!

Fans showed up to the theater and were greeted by Tatum in disguise as a balding marketing executive, who asked them questions about Magic Mike.

Channing Tatum as Scott

Tatum asked them a few questions as he posed as “Scott”, telling them it was for research puposes.

Channing asked them a few interesting questions, with fans saying didn’t care about the storyline.  One male fan even requested full-frontal nudity.

Channing Tatum as Scott

One woman was asked which guy was the best actor in Magic Mike and Channing appeared a little disappointed when she said it was Matthew McConaughey.

Channing Tatum dances on woman's lap in disguise

After the question session with “Scott” was over, the fans were treated to some strippers.  After a few dance moves including plenty of pelvic thrusting, the dancers call Scott over to join them.

Channing lifted up his jacket and shook his butt, before giving one woman a lap dance.

The actor then removed part of his disguise and revealed his true identity as the crowd went wild.

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