Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye Found Fan Letter From Teen Dave Grohl (Photos)


Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl, the frontman for the Foo Fighters, shared an awesome letter he had written to his music idol Ian MacKaye as a teenager.

MacKaye recently found the letter and Grohl shared it on Twitter.  How awesome is it that Ian saved that fan letter?

Grohl was only 14-years-old and a huge fan of the punk band.

He wrote asking MacKaye for “some numbers of people to get in touch with” in the music business. Dave included his phone number and said he could be reached from 3 until 10 p.m.

Dave Grohl's teen fan letter to Ian MacKaye
Grohl went on to tour with the D.C. punk band Scream and met with Buzz Osbourne of The Melvins who thought the drummer might be a good match for the band Nirvana.

Osbourne made some phone calls, and the rest is rock history.

It’s awesome that Ian MacKaye cared that much about his fans to save the letter from three decades ago.

Minor Threat star Ian MacKaye pics

The former Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman is known for his devotion to his fans. Reddit users shared some of their experiences with MacKaye.

One user wrote, “gnomemania: My friend emailed Ian MacKaye to interview him for a research paper in college about 15 years ago (and other people, Jello Biafra is one I remember). Ian MacKaye actually called her back, left a voicemail when she wasn’t home, and then did a whole interview with her on the phone. All for a college paper. That’s a great dude right there.”

Another shared, “Shiftlock0: He apparently keeps every fan letter ever written to him, and the only way he could have found this one from Grohl was if he was re-reading them, now some 30+ years later. That’s pretty awesome.”

Dave Grohl and Ian MacKaye photos

Dave Grohl also treats his fans with great respect.  Grohl is currently on tour throughout Ireland and the U.K., behind the drums for a variety of bands at different gigs each night.

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