Lindsay Lohan Only Did 10 Hours Of Required 125 Hours Community Service: Headed To Jail?


Lindsay Lohan MUST compete community service or face jail time

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly only completed nine hours and 45 minutes of her required 125 hours of community service, with her lawyer going to court on Thursday to try and give the judge an explanation.

The 28-year-old has a rather lame excuse as usual and claims the community services facility changed locations and it takes her one and a half hours to get there.  Will she end up in jail again?

Her lawyer, Shawn Holley has said she would now like Lindsay to do the remaining community service in Brooklyn, which could suggest she could be moving there for a while.

The actress was not issued with an arrest warrant but the judge said Lindsay has until May 28 to complete the remaining hours or there will be consequences.

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The actress was recently ordered to complete an additional 125 hours of community service for a reckless driving charge.

She had previously been ordered to perform 240 hours of community service as part of a plea deal she struck after her Porsche rear-ended a truck in California in 2012.

Lindsay appeared in the West End production Speed The Plow last year and let young people “shadow” her and claimed that was part of community service.

After looking at photos of the actress in London, it appears she is doing more partying than worrying about her legal problems.

Lindsay Lohan appears to partying hard

Lindsay posted on Instagram that she was doing “communist service” instead of community service. What the hell?

Lindsay Lohan posts she is doing "communist service" wow!

The Mean Girls star was ordered to undergo another 125 hours of community service in February 2015, after a Los Angeles judge rejected more than half of the work she had allegedly completed.

Lohan’s longtime lawyer, Shawn Holley, was in court to report on the 28 year old’s progress and she informed the judge her client had only completed nine hours and 45 minutes of the required 125 hours.

The actress may wind up behind bars if she doesn’t complete her time before May 28.

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