Jack Black & Jimmy Fallon Recreate Extreme’s “More Than Words” (VIDEO)


Jack Black & Jimmy Fallon "More Than Words" video

Jack Black surprised “Tonight Show” viewers with an awesome ’90s tribute song with host, Jimmy Fallon.

Black and Fallon performed the beautiful ballad by Extreme from back in 1991, capturing the original video perfectly shot-by-shot.  Who wasn’t in love with Gary Cherone and especially Nuno Bettencourt? Ahhh…

Fallon is known for his musical sketches on the Tonight Show, doing great impersonations and can actually sing.

On Monday night’s episode, Fallon and guest Jack Black (who we know can sing from Tenacious D) took their shared love of music to a new extreme.  And it was pretty awesome!

Jack Black joins Jimmy Fallon for performance of More Than Words

In their remake, Jack portrayed Extreme singer Gary Cherone and Fallon played the role of Nuno Bettencourt on the acoustic guitar.

Black, 45, and Fallon wore long hair, nail polish, and did a great job of perfectly recreating the 90s music video.

The original song “More Than Words” by Extreme landed them a Grammy Award.

Extreme's Gary Cherone & Nuno Bettencourt

Be sure and check out the original video for comparison.

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