Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy These Hilariously Awkward Photos Of Moms & Their Kids!


Mom wants the D for Mother's day

It’s Mother’s Day, the day set aside to honor the women that gave us life and put up with us as teenagers!

We’ve compiled a gallery of the most hilarious and awkward Mother’s Day photos. In celebration of moms everywhere, check out these funny (and bizarre) images!

Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day photos that will make you say “Hmmm…”

There are a few silly matchy-matchy mother and children portraits and some photos that even we find inappropriate.  And that’s saying something!

This mom wants to make certain she is the star of their family vacation photo!


Hey mom, do I look like a girl in this ensemble? Of course not darling!


What a touching mother and son moment!


This daughter truly has her mother’s heart…and her boob!


Maybe the same theme, but more disturbing! Seriously, what is this mom thinking?

momh.p ng

There are mothers in the world of all different kinds. Some caring and some that drag you by the hair. Mom needs a spanking herself!


We can guess what mom wants for mother’s day. Dad will happily oblige. 


Poor kid. This portrait is funny and sad both!


Mom is too into her banana eating to enjoy the scenery. Quite a mouthful!


Guess we know which child is mom’s favorite?

Someone is left out

This mom with a mullet dons a matching leopard swimming suit with her toddler.  Her fashion sense may be off, but at least she remembered the sunscreen!

Mom Jane and you Tarzan

Weird family portrait.  What exactly is under mom’s tutu?

What's under that skirt?

This family looks like the 80’s version of the Addam’s Family.  And they all look thrilled to have their photo taken!

Alternative family portrait

She may be a baby, but is not a fan of her mom’s 80s hairstyle and fashion.

This girl is questioning mom's hairstyle

This mother is helping her young daughter with future career choices. Way to aim high mom!

Mom teaching daughter early

This little guy looks ready for lunch and knows just where to find it!

Someone's ready for lunch

This possibly single mom appears to be trying to snag a new guy. The little guy seems pretty amused!

Modern mom needs a new boyfriend

This mom knows how to control her man. She literally has him by the b*lls in this family portrait.

This mom's got her husband by the b*lls

This tween girl is all dressed up and taking a selfie, but it appears mom decided to photobomb her daughter. Mom, you are so embarrassing!

Mom photobombs selfie

There is so much wrong with this photo, but it appears this modern-day mom is helping her teen daughter take a sexy selfie. The right angle is so important.

Mom taking photo of daughter's butt

This mommy loved her hairdo’ so much that she gave it to all the kiddos.

Mom and kids with same hairdo'

Any moms out there know how exhausting one little one can be…we can only imagine with twins! 

Mom of twins exhausted

Mothers develop the ability to “tune out” crying and whining. This mother is deep in a book as her kids fight over using the toilet.

Some things you have to ignore

Moms to boys have had their sons pee in their eye on at least one occasion.  Normally not during a family photo session!

Awkward Mother's Day photos

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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