B.B. King’s Daughters Claim Their Late Father Was Poisoned (VIDEO)


Karen Williams and Patty King pics

Two of B.B. King’s children( he had 15), Karen Williams and Patty King, allege that his business manager and personal assistant poisoned him.

King’s daughters accuse his business manager, LaVerne Toney, and personal assistant, Myron Johnson, of murdering the blues legend.

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Monday that an autopsy was performed Sunday on King’s embalmed body, and test results will not come back for eight weeks.

Las Vegas police Lt. Ray Steiber confirmed that homicide detectives are investigating.

LaVerne Toney and Myron Johnson both declined to comment on the accusations.

LaVerne Toney accused of poisoning B.B. King.

The coroner says King’s body has been returned to a mortuary, and the investigation shouldn’t delay planned memorials this week in Memphis, Tennessee, and Indianola, Mississippi.

Williams and Patty King, along with sisters Rita Washington and Barbara King Winfree, and brother Willie King, were suspicious after viewing their father’s body.

Williams and Patty King accused King’s longtime business agent Toney of keeping them from seeing their father for a week after he died May 14 at home at age 89.

B.B. King is survived by eleven of his 15 children.

Toney, who worked for King for 39 years, has retained power-of-attorney over his affairs and estate despite several court challenges by Williams and Patty King.

B.B. King's kids think he was murdered?

Toney said she doing as B.B. King requested.

She said of King’s children, “They want to do what they want to do, which is take over, I guess. But that wasn’t Mr. King’s wishes. Mr. King would be appalled.”

B.B. King’s will, dated Jan. 18, 2007, and filed Wednesday under his birth name, Riley B. King, appoints Toney as sole executor of his affairs. Another daughter, Riletta Williams, was second in line, but she died last September.

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