Anna Kendrick Plays Egg Russian Roulette With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


Anna Kendrick on Jimmy Fallon

Anna Kendrick and Jimmy Fallon competed in a silly game of Russian roulette on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night.

The game consisted of eggs, some of which were raw and others were hard-boiled. They had to attempt to smash the egg on their heads, hoping it was cooked.

Steve Higgins declared, “Here in my hand I have one dozen eggs.  Eight of them have been hard boiled; four of them are still raw, uncooked, untainted by fire.  You and Anna are to select one egg at a time – una ovum – and smash them upon the top of your head. You wont know which eggs are raw and which eggs are not but once you choose, you may not unchoose: you must smash that egg upon your head. First one to smash two raw eggs on their heads loses”.

Anna Kendrick plays egg Russian roulette

The 29-year-old Pitch Perfect star was first to choose an egg, saying, “Oh my God i’m really nervous! I don’t feel good, I have a bad feeling”.

She then said, “I mean I feel great! I’m doing reverse psychology. ‘I feel great about it. Okay, ready?'”

Kendrick then smashed the egg on her hand and luckily it was a hard-boiled one.

Fallon responded saying, “I cant wait to go see your movie this weekend, it’s going to be so fun; I’ll bring my…hard boiled eggs.”

With each cooked egg discovered, the tension grew as they realized they were more likely to get a raw egg.

Anna asked, “Women don’t usually… Am I the first woman to do this?”

Anna Kendrick appears on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Fallon replied, “You are actually the first woman to play this game, and dare play this game. You called it, I was like ‘you wanna call me out? Let’s do it girlfriend!'”

Kendrick responded, “You know why? You know why? Cause I’ve got eggs”, appearing to refer to her boobs.

Anna Kendrick adorable on Jimmy Fallon

Fallon shot back, “You may have eggs, but I have…”, before Higgins interrupted his tasteless genital reference, offering ‘Tom Brady’s got deflated’ instead.

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