Adam Sandler Gets A Bit Emotional As He Serenades David Letterman (VIDEO)


Adam Sandler gets emotional on Letterman show

David Letterman will say goodbye to his late night show in just a few days, retiring after 30 years on the air.

Adam Sandler appeared on The Late Show to serenade Letterman, with a funny and touching song. Check it out!

The 48-year-old funny man turned to his musical comedy roots to perform “There’s no better man, then David Letterman” on The Late Show.

Sandler made a few digs about the 68-year-old host’s career and made a few touching remarks in his song.

Adam Sandler sings a funny and touching song for David Letterman
Adam, who has appeared on the show for as long as he has been famous, struggled to keep his emotions in check.

The Blended star took to the stage with his guitar, sayng, “I’ve been trying to write this song for you since the last… well forever.  I swear to you I’m a little emotional but I’ll try to not get too [chocked up] .”

The Billy Madison star started off the song, “There simply is no better man than good old David Letterman / And no one gets Julia Roberts’ face redder than a flirty David Letterman / He’s leaving after 30 years, and you know he will be missed / If you like gap-toothed men in double-breasted suits, he’s number one on your top ten list.”

Adam Sandler gets emotional on Letterman show

The comedian also made jokes about what late night will be without the silver haired star.

He crooned, “Pets with stupid tricks will have no place to go while Paul Shaffer and the boys sell crack on the streets”.

He finished on a sentimental note, singing, “There is simply is no better man than our hero David Letterman / I can’t thank you enough for all you have done / And I’m sure I ain’t the only one / As you paved the way for every late night show… You’re the king of comedy and my best friend on TV.”

Adam Sandler gets emotional on Letterman show
Letterman got up from his chair and thanked Sandler, who was obviously tearing up, with a big hug saying, “Oh my that was beautiful”.

David Letterman’s last show is May 30 ending a 22 year run on the show and three decades on late night.

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