WTF? Tori Spelling Fell On Grill At Benihana: Suffered Severe Burn & Required Skin Graft


Tori Spelling burned at Benihana?

We’ve lost count now of just how many times former Beverly Hills, 90210 star, Tori Spelling, has been hospitalized in the past year.

This latest incident is really strange.  Spelling was enjoying brunch at Benihana’s in Encino, California on Easter Sunday, when she tripped and fell backwards on the Japanese style grill.  So weird!

The former actress and “True Tori” reality star Tori Spelling, went to brunch with her family – husband Dean McDermott and their children Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn, and a few other guests.

Tori Spelling & family on Easter Sunday

Eyewitnesses at Benihana’s Japanese Restaurant in Encino, California revealed that Tori had been laughing and having fun with her family at Easter brunch.  But when she got up to leave, she tripped and fell backwards onto to the scorching hot grill. She yellowed out in pain from a large burn on the back of her right arm.

A source said, “You could tell she was hurting, but she was trying to put on a brave face for the sake of her four young children who were quite obviously worried. Dean looked upset too, but you could tell they were doing their best to stay calm and not alarm the children.”

Tori posted this cryptic message on her Instagram following the incident, posting, “Perfect @Easter Sunday. Aside from the Benihana Burn!”

Tori Spelling tweets about Benihana burn
Tori went home and tried to treat the injury herself, but by the following day she was in so much pain she went to her doctor,

He had her go immediately for treatment at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, California.

Dean McDermott & Tori Spelling and family

An insider said, “Tori’s doctor’s determined she had a severe burn and suggested they remove the damaged skin and graft skin from another area of the body.  She questioned if it was absolutely necessary but doctors said she risked severe infection and scarring if she didn’t act right away.  She underwent a skin graft last week and must now spend several days recuperating. Friends are praying for her to make a full recovery.”

The 41-year-old 90210 star has had a rough few years. She suffered heartbreak and humiliation in 2013 after her husband of nine years, actor Dean McDermott, cheated on her.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

The couple’s dirty laundry and attempt to mend their marriage was documented on their reality show, True Tori.

She’s also suffered extreme pain due to a neck injury, but refuses to have surgery to repair the problem.

Tori Spelling at a medical building in Beverly Hills

Just last week rumors began circulating that her 48-year-old husband may have cheated on her once again, but this time with his 52-year-old ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.  The woman he left for Tori. Guess Karma is a bit*h!

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