Is Scott Weiland Back On Smack? Check Out His Bizarre Performance (VIDEOS)


Scott Weiland with dead look in his eyes

Scott Weiland is such a talented singer, but has battled alcohol and drug addiction for years.

Weiland performed in Corpus Christi, Texas with his band Wildabouts, where he appeared to be totally out of it. He had that dead look in his eyes and performed in a monotone voice. Is he back on heroin?

Just last month, an inebriated Weiland allegedly told fans during a meet-and-greet, “Let’s suck a di*k!”. Nice!

Now, the singer is acting even more erratic.

Scott Weiland's Corpus Christi show a mess

Weiland told the Corpus Christi crowd, “Alright, this is a new song, we just worked it out today”. That itself is strange because we all know “Vasoline” is a popular 90s song from when he was with Stone Temple Pilots.

Stone Temple Pilots got rid of Scott, due to his drug problems. They urged him to seek treatment.

Scott Weiland claims Vasoline is a "new song" they just worked out

The 47-year-old rocker started singing in a monotone voice and at times totally off-key during the April 28 show.

Scott looked like a robot and wandered around the stage, appearing to halfway get into the performance but was too sedated. It makes us wonder if he is back on heroin again. Certainly doesn’t look good.

Weiland has previously claimed that he had finally kicked his addictions.

The singer stated, “Heroin made me feel all right in my own skin. Before I did it I was uncomfortable going into crowds, which is interesting given my profession. But when I did dope, the fear went away. That’s why I hung on to it so long. But my kids fill up that hole now.”

Scott Weiland doing heroin again?

Dead and Bloated (VIDEO)

A number of fans responded to the video on YouTube, writing, “This is unacceptable” to “I don’t think even the most advanced Auto-Tune program could save this train wreck.”

Another YouTube user called the performance “heartbreaking,” adding: “Enough is enough! SCOTT, PLEASE GET HELP!!! And how can the band play like nothing’s wrong?”

What is wrong with Scott Weiland?

Weiland has struggled with substance abuse issues for years, but his rep (of course) denied that was the case.

A rep for Weiland claimed that drugs were not a factor in the singer’s performance on Tuesday, but admits it wasn’t his best show. He explained that it was a “perfect storm” of Weiland being tired and having a few drinks before the gig.

He is so talented and handsome. It’s a sad sight to see. We hope he gets help again before it’s too late.

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