Mob Wives Star Big Ang Raiola’s Tumor Is Cancerous: Surgery Scheduled Next Week


Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola does have cancer

Mob Wives star Angela Raiola “Big Ang” received the scary news that the large tumor in her throat is malignant.

Doctors were able to determine the lemon-sized growth was cancerous after running blood tests and looking at it with a scope. We just hope the cancer has not spread.

Big Ang addressed her health health concerns and confirmed will have the mass in her throat removed this coming week.

Ang’s sister, Janine Detore, revealed the large tumor on her sister’s voicebox is malignant and her voice is deteriorating as a result.

Big Ang's sister confirms tumor is cancer

Janine says the family is awaiting results of another test to determine if the cancer has spread.

There is no history of cancer in their family, but Janine has been a smoker for 42 years. Doctors have ordered Ang to quit smoking immediately.

Raiola, 54, said in a post on Friday that the growth was caught at a ‘very early’ stage and that she is at home and not hospitalized. She is scheduled for surgery next week.

Big Ang's throat tumor is cancerous

Big Ang is keeping her spirits up, stating, “Big Ang isn’t going anywhere! This is a minor setback, but I promise you this… I already have some BIG things in the world and will be returning to your TVs very soon.”

Big Ang posts tumor news on Facebook

Earlier this week, Big Ang had been shooting a reality series she began having pain in her neck area. She had attended a public event promoting the docu-series, Connected.

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