Mila Kunis A Chicken Thief? Woman Suing Actress For Theft From 25 Years Ago (VIDEOS)


Kristina Karo suing Mila Kunis over chicken?

Mila Kunis is being sued by a Ukrainian aspiring singer who claims the Hollywood actress ‘stole her pet chicken’ 25 years ago.

Now that’s not something you hear everyday. Is Mila really a poultry poacher? Mila Kunis hilariously responds in new video!

Kristina Karo claims she went to school with Kunis, 31, who moved to the U.S. from Ukraine in 1991. She said they were “inseparable” growing up.

Karo, now living in Los Angeles, claims Mila was jealous over her pet chicken (while Mila was seven-years-old) and that she stole her pet.

Karo states that Kunis would come over to the chicken farm in north-west Ukraine where she lived, and play with the hen, called ‘Doggie’.

Kristina Karo files lawsuit against Mila Kunis

In the lawsuit, she claims that after the chicken disappeared that Mila confessed to taking her. She told her, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm”.

Karo, who has moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of launching a career as a singer, says the theft of her pet chicken traumatized her and forced her to see a therapist.  Wow!

Mila Kunis doesn't deny she's already married on Ellen

Ashton and Mila responded to the crazy lawsuit in this video:

Mila is considering a countersuit because the music video ‘burned her eyes and hurt her body.’

Kristina also said that living close to Mila and her husband Ashton Kutcher has “brought back all the bad memories” and that she needs therapy again.

The singer, who posted a video for her song “Give Me Green Card”, is Kunis for $5,000 for emotional distress and to cover her therapy bills.

This is so crazy!

Give Me Green Card – Kristina Karo

She also claims the theft of the chicken 25 years ago has prevented her from “pursuing the American dream”.

Karo’s online bio describes her as being ‘born and raised in the small village Berezhnytsia’, which is a three hour drive from Chernivtsi, where Mila Kunis lived before moving to the United States at age seven.

Someone is desperate for fame and money.

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