Madonna Surprise-Attacks Rapper Drake With A Passionate Kiss At Coachella (VIDEO)


Drake's hilarious reaction to Madonna's kiss

Madonna made fans go wild when she made out with rapper Drake when she appeared at the Coachella music festival.

The singer was not slated to appear at the festival, but surprised fans by strutting on stage as Drake performed a song named after her. Drake’s shocked reaction at the kiss was priceless!

On Sunday night, Drake performed a song named after Madonna, where he brags that he can make a girl as big as Madonna if she gives in to his advances.

Madonna performed two of her own songs including “Human Nature”, before Drake sat down in a chair.

Madonna performs with Drake at Coachella

The moment started innocently enough, with Drake sitting in a chair on the stage as Madonna danced around him in a skimpy black outfit and over-the-knee black leather boots.

Madonna performs with Drake at Coachella

Madonna approaches a seated Drake from behind, pulls his head back and plants one on him! Drake raises his hand to Madonna’s head, seemingly to stroke her hair, but she takes charge and swats his hand away.

Madonna plants one on Drake

She gave him a full-on tongue kiss as Drake wiped his mouth and appeared totally shocked.

Madonna plants one on Drake

Many took Drake’s expression to one of disgust, but he made it clear later it was her lipstick that grossed him out and not the kiss.

Drake disgusted or hating on the lipstick

(Warning: Video contains some language in Madonna’s song.)

Come on, who wouldn’t want to make out with Madonna. She may be 56-years-old but is still sexy as hell.

Madonna previously said she was crushing on Drake.

Madge stated in March, “The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake — and only kiss him”.  Check one thing off the bucket list!

Surprise got lip raped by Madonna

After the shocking kiss, Drake wiped his mouth and covered his eyes, exclaiming, “Oh s–t. What the f–k just happened?”

Here’s just the kiss video (Offensive language)

Drake later shared a photo of the kiss via Instagram, captioning the shot, “Moments to write home about.”

Insiders later revealed the smooch was not planned, but rather a last-minute decision by Madge.

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