Jimmy Kimmel Shares Funny Coffee Prank April Fool’s Day Clips (VIDEO)



Jimmy Kimmel loves torturing people for our enjoyment with his various prank challenges with viewers.  This April Fool’s Day the host asked people to give a person coffee and then say “April Fools” to mess with their minds.

Check out the hilarious results!

Kimmel instructed viewers to start recording and give someone a cup of coffee, wait for them to take a sip before saying “April Fools!”

We are all on edge on April Fool’s Day already.

Most people are totally paranoid on April Fool’s Day and nearly all of us hate that day, unless we are the one pulling the prank.

Kimmel asked his fans to prank their friends and family by telling them, “I didn’t do anything to the coffee” after they took a drink.

That’s pretty mean to start your morning off that way, but we sure enjoyed their reactions.

Kimmell coffee prank April Fool's Day

Everyone freaked out when they had a sip and realized it was April Fool’s Day. The funniest part of the prank is that nothing gross or weird was even done to their morning cup of joe.

Some reactions were hilarious. One guy is more concerned that he is headed to work and fears he just drank vodka.


One poor woman thinks her man put a laxative in her coffee, worried she will poop all day.

Another woman was a little too wise because she hadn’t even sipped her coffee before the impatient prankster blurted it out. She then asks if it was pee!

This year Jimmy was on the other side of the prank, with Rihanna giving him a wake-up call (or song).

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