Susan Sarandon Splits From Boy Toy Jonathan Bricklin?


Susan Sarandon at screening of The Hunger

Susan Sarandon has reportedly split from her boyfriend of five years, Jonathan Bricklin.

The 68-year-old Thelma and Louise star and the 37-year-old entrepreneur decided to part ways during filming of the reality series “Connected”. The show follows six couples and their lives for six months.

A source told The New York Post’s Page Six, “It caused a lot of strain in the relationship.It’s documented for the show that Susan breaks up with him because she doesn’t want to be involved with the show.

Susan has previously admitted she and Jonathan are an unconventional couple, but insists the 31-year-age gap has not been an issue.

Sarandon stated, “We don’t live under the same roof. We’re not an ordinary couple. It’s the soul of a person that interests me. When you are in love, the question of age, sex, color no longer hold any importance.”

Susan Sarandon's young beau denies split

The actress previously admitted having a hard time moving on from her relationship with actor Tim Robbins after 23 years together.

She said of their relationship, which ended in 2009, “(It was) exciting and simultaneously terrifying because there are certain comforts you take for granted in long-term relationships. Even though in my business I meet lots of people, you think of yourself differently when you’re on the market than when you’re not. So, yes, I’d be lying if I said it was an easy transition.”

Susan was last seen at the annual Goldene Kamera awards in Hamburg on Friday evening. She was presented a Mid-Life Achievement award for her services to acting.

Susan Sarandon Golden Camera 2015

Jonathan Bricklin is denying their split, stating, “Susan and I have a lot of respect and great admiration for each other. It’s impossible to concisely characterize our relationship, other than to say that it continues to evolve in new and unexpected ways. She supported my decision to be a part of AOL’s ‘Connected,’ and making this series about my life has brought up real and somewhat unexplored issues, but it didn’t break us up.”

Bricklin’s show is a documentary series produced by “Super Size Me” director Morgan Spurlock. Bricklin is one of six New Yorkers being followed, and much of his personal life with the “Thelma and Louise” actress is being filmed. It was the presence of the cameras that reportedly caused a rift between the two. A breakup scene was allegedly caught on camera for “Connected.”

Susan Sarandon single again?

Another source confirmed to E! Online that the split was filmed, but added that it was the producers who were making Sarandon feel uncomfortable.

The source said, “Even though the filming was supposed to focus on him, producers kept making it about her. They wanted the movie star. They put pressure on him to deliver more with her, and she finally put her foot down.”

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