South African Comedian Trevor Noah Chosen As Jon Stewart’s Replacement


Trevor Noah chosen to replace Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah The Daily Show as a correspondent a few months ago and now finds himself the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Noah, 31, realizes he has big shoes to fill as he replaces the beloved host of 16 years, Jon Stewart.

The official announcement of Noah’s “huge and unexpected promotion” is set for Monday night.

Noah, who is currently in Dubai on a comedy tour, stated, “You don’t believe it for the first few hours. You need a stiff drink, and then unfortunately you’re in a place where you can’t really get alcohol.”

The 31-year-old grew up in Gauteng, South Africa Son of a Xhosa mother and Swiss father, a relationship that was illegal under apartheid.

Trevor Noah chosen to replace Jon Stewart

He stated, “My mother had to be very clandestine about who my father was.  He couldn’t be on my birth certificate.”

Trevor once told an audience, “I was born a crime.”

Noah began doing stand-up in South Africa in his twenties and has enjoyed an international career with his ability to speak six languages.

He’s hosted his own late-night show in South Africa, radio shows and awards shows.

Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless stated, “He brings such a unique worldview and a deep understanding of human nature, which makes his comedy so insightful. He’s truly a student of the world.”

During his initial appearance on The Daily Show last December, the comedian, whose mother is a black South African and father is a white Swiss, discussed race and politics to amuse viewers.

Last month, shortly after Stewart revealed his plans to step down from his role, company executive Doug Herzog confirmed that a ‘short list’ of possible replacements had already been put together.

Jon Stewart leaving Daily Show on Comedy Central

Stewart is expected to step down as soon as July or by the end of 2015.

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