Slipknot Guitarist Mick Thomson Stabbed In Head By Brother Andrew Thomson (Photos)


Mick Thomson of Slipknot without mask photos
Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson (Mickeal Gordon Thomson), who is better known as Number Seven in the band, got into a nasty knife fight with his own brother Andrew Thomson.

Mick and his brother Andrew were rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after getting into a drunken knife fight at Mick Thomson’s home in Clive, Iowa. Both brothers sustained serious injuries.

The fight involved Mickeal Gordon Thomson, 41, of Clive and Andrew John Thomson, 35, of West Des Moines.

Andrew Thomson and brother Mick Thomson pics

There was reportedly an altercation inside the home that spilled outside into the front yard.

Police reported both Mick and Andrew appeared to be intoxicated and were taken to the hospital in separate ambulances.

Mick and Andrew both sustained serious injuries and the Slipknot guitarist suffered a stab wound to the back of his head.

Slipknot's Mick Thomson (number 7) stabbed by own brother

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor tweeted the following message, “In regards to the story about Mick, I’m doing the best I can to find out if he’s alright. I’ll get back to you later.”

The manager of the Iowa band Slipknot has confirmed that one of the band members was injured in a fight after police said two brothers were injured early Wednesday morning in a Clive front yard.

Mick Thompson of Slipknot hospitalized after knife fight with own brother

No charges have been filed at this time. The crazy incident will reportedly not impact any future shows for the band, according to the manager.

Slipknot photos

Here’s Slipknot’s Wait & Bleed (which seems appropriate):

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