Pamela Anderson Claims Rick Salomon Tried To Strangle Her During Sex: He Says She’s A “Serial Baby Killer”!


Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson messy divorce
Pamela Anderson was granted a restraining order against her estranged husband Rick Salomon, after the 47-year-old former Baywatch star claimed that he attempted to strangle her and smother her during sex.

Salomon alleges that Anderson wants an annulment because the former bombshell is a “serial baby killer.” Wow!

Pamela filed for divorce from Salomon, while he has filed for an annulment of the marriage due to fraud.

The petition for a restraining order claims that Pamela’s husband flew into a rage in the middle of having sex in January.

Rick Salomon tried to smother Pamela Anderson?

She claims he attempted to strangle her and pushed a pillow over her face during sexy time.

Pamela Anderson also claims that she threw Salomon a party on January 15 to celebrate his six years of sobriety. After they returned home, Rick was in a foul mood and called her names including “crack whore”, “bitch”, and telling her to “Go upstairs, you ugly, dirty old b**ch!”  How romantic!

Pamela Anderson funny pictures

Salomon’s grounds for petitioning for an annulment stem from Pamela allegedly having an abortion.

Emails and text messages from her estranged husband show his reason for wanting to end the marriage.

One email said, “I did not no (sic) she was a serial baby killer to her husbands she should be locked up”.

Pamela Anderson divorcing Rick Salomon for real this time?

The documents also contain an email where he claims the first time he was married to Pamela she begged him for a child.

There was also a text message from Salomon, that read: “You never disclosed to me that you (redacted) a baby when you were married to kid rock. I heard you begged him to get pregnant with him too. I also heard it might have also been twice with him.” (Anderson was married to Kid Rock from August 2006 to February 2007.)

Did Pamela Anderson abort Kid Rock's baby?

In another of Anderson’s emails, Salomon says she cooks pork for her sons even though he’s had a pet pig for 10 years. Anderson, who has been a longtime PETA advocate reportedly stinks up the house when she eats fish and shrimp.

Pamela Anderson for PETA

The news Pamela had filed for divorce from Salomon for the third time was confirmed in February.

The couple first married back in October 2007, but annulled the marriage two months later. They wed again in January 2014, but Anderson filed for divorce on July 3, 2014. They reconciled soon after.

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon

Anderson shares sons Brandon, 18, and Dylan, 17, with her first ex-husband Tommy Lee, whom she was married to from 1995 to 1998.

Earlier this week, the star brought Brandon as her date to the L.A. premiere of The Gunman.

Pamela Anderson brings son Brandon Lee to premiere

Rick Salomon made it clear he does not want to pay Anderson any alimony or split assets with her.  Salomon is reportedly worth around $16 million, three times more than the former Baywatch stars’ net worth.

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