Madonna Flirts With Justin Bieber: He Looks Interested But Scared (VIDEOS)


Madonna flirts with Justin Bieber

It’s a well-known fact that Madonna finds age just a number and has dated much younger men.  She keeps herself in great shape. Why not?

The pretty blonde appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show and was soon joined by Justin Bieber, where she playfully flirted with the 21-year-old singer.

Ellen appeared to find it amusing to see Madge flirt with Justin, who appeared to feel a little insecure around the beautiful pop icon.

Justin, 21, came out on stage in an interesting outfit to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Madonna.

Could Justin Bieber & Madonna be a new couple?

The 56-year-old singer playfully asked why he was “dressed like a sheriff”. He shot back that there was a “new sheriff in town”.

Ellen tried to stir things up by telling the Heartbreak singer that “yesterday Madonna said that the youngest man that she ever dated was 22. And you just turned 21. I’m just sayin'”.

The Vogue singer, who’s a mom to four kids, replied that she has ‘no limits’ when it comes to dating.

Ellen shows Madonna Justin's buff bod

Ellen had a large photo of Justin posing shirtless to encourage Madonna, with her saying, “That looks 22. On the outside he’s 21. On the inside he’s 22.”

Madonna and Justin Bieber Talk Dating Age

The host joined the singers for a fun game, which were mainly sexual questions.

Bieber claimed he’s never had phone sex – while Madonna and Ellen both said they have. But all three admitted to making out at a party in the bathroom.

Justin & Madonna play game on Ellen video

Madonna and Justin finally found they had something in common, with both admitting they had forgotten the name of someone they messed around with. Madonna responded, “I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend”.

Madonna flirts with Justin Bieber

Justin put his arm around the pretty singer and they cuddled up.

The two singers play the game:

Another really amusing part of the show was Justin Bieber tricking audience members by pretending he was a security guard.

Justin Bieber’s Security Guard Prank

Madonna gets some sugar from The Biebs

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