Jeffrey Ross Plays A Handsy “Belieber” In Justin Bieber’s Roast Promo (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber funny Comedy Central roast promo

Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast is coming up on March 30, which we are certain will be entertaining.

A new promo video was released today that is a spoof of Justin’s Calvin Klein ad, but with comedian Jeffrey Ross in a blonde wig attempting to seduce the pop star.

Ross, a head writer for the special with no problems delivering brutal comments during roasts, whispers to Justin, “I want to stick my pinkie in your a******”.

Here’s Ross’ roast of Charlie Sheen previously.

The faux ad had Bieber doing a little drumming just as he did in the Calvin Klein campaign. Of course the “model” in this video is a bit less attractive.

Comedian Jeffrey Ross & Justin Bieber video

Ross told The Biebs, “I want you Justin”. He then whispers his crude comment, before adding, “I’m a Belieber.”

Jeffrey caressed Justin and the singer even coped a feel of Ross’ man-boob.

Justin Bieber funny Comedy Central roast promo

After the awkward exchange, Justin asks, “Who is this guy?”

Jeffrey replies, “Hey man I’m your worst nightmare. Are you ready?”

Bieber and Jeffrey Ross funny roast  promo video

NSFW video (offensive language):

Bieber simply stated, “No”.

‘No,’ said Bieber looking annoyed.

This ad comes on the tail of the first roast commercial where eggs were thrown at a shirtless Justin.

There have been many rumors on just which comedians will take part in roasting the singer.

Bieber and Jeffrey Ross funny roast  promo video

The roasting of young Justin Bieber goes down March 30 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central. Will you tune in?

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