Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Always Had Mad Dance Skillz (VIDEOS)


Ryan Gosling our biggest celeb crush

Ryan Gosling is one of those guys that is very attractive, but his awesome sense of humor makes him even more adorable.

New videos of him dancing as a child have been released and the guy is certainly not shy about showing off his dance moves.

We’ve seen previous videos of Goslng dancing to C+C Music Factory, but these new dance videos take the cake!

New videos appeared online over the weekend that show the “Drive” star performing to Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog”.

The video shows Gosling climbing out of a mini-Elvis Presley before taking over the stage.

The second video shows Ryan in his MC Hammer pants and busting some impressive moves.

Here’s Ryan doing his best imitation of a cute little girl dancing to Rihanna’s Rude Boy:

If you don’t already see why Ryan Gosling is the perfect guy, check out some of these adorable moments of the hunky actor.

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl memes

He is attractive, but more than that he appears humble and self-deprecating. Where can we find a guy like this?

Ryan is featured in a hilarious site called “F**k Yeah, Ryan Gosling”, with tons of funny “Hey Girl” memes.

Ryan Gosling so cute

Ryan Gosling is so adorable
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Images: wenn.com/memes


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