Did Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assault Model Ambra Battilana Or Is She Just After His Money?


Ambra Battilana sex assault claims true?

Ambra Gutierrez, who also goes by Ambra Battilana, has been identified as the 22-year-old model that has accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, 63, of sexually assaulting her during a business meeting.

The model accused the movie mogul of groping her breast and putting his hand up her skirt.  Did Weinstein really sexually assault her or is she just a money-grubbing opportunist?

A source close to Ambra stated, “She knows that Harvey has money and power and that he’s going to come after her. But she’s confident … she’s not afraid of Harvey.”

The attractive brunette told police that Weinstein, a married father of five, grabbed her breasts and slipped a hand up her skirt last Friday .

She allegedly asked Weinstein to stop and flatly turned down his request.

Ambra Battilana bikini photos

The former Miss Italy hopeful was “said to be “very upset: and called a friend to tell them about what happened. The friend brought her to the Ninth Precinct, with cops there taking her to the First precinct in Tribeca to make out a report.

Weinstein was questioned by police about the incident, but no charges were yet filed.

A source close to Weinstein described the model as an opportunist with a history of going after older men.

Ambra Battilana bikini photos

Ambra does have a history of suing wealthy men.  She was a minor when she filed a lawsuit against a 70-year-old businessman for sexual assault.

The businessman, identified only as Mr. G. by the Italian media, said he considered their relationship consensual despite her age.

Ambra Battilana bikini photos

The source claimed, “He paid her handsomely with jewels and cars … when she was a contestant in the Miss Italy pageant”.

Mark Jay Heller, attorney for the Italian model, said any implications of blackmail in this case were 100% wrong.

Ambra Battilana going after Weinstein's money?

Heller said, “In fact, making such a false allegation adds insult to injury, causing a duplicity of victimization.  Regrettably, like many sex crimes victims, she is being inappropriate branded and persecuted for coming forward to report an act of sexual abuse perpetrated against her.”

Battilana has turned down offers of close to $100,000 from media outlets to go public with her story — but has so far turned them down, according to a source.

The source added that challenging Weinstein, the producer behind “Pulp Fiction” and “Shakespeare in Love,” is typically career suicide for an ambitious young actresses.

Model Ambra Battilana photos

Battilana is one of two models invited to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous August 2010 orgy.

She claimed she was unaware of what awaited her and felt “greatly offended” when she found out the party was actually an orgy.

She ended up testifying against Berlusconi, stating that the prime minister patted her on the derriere while unsuccessfully encouraging her to get naked.

A spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein said, “We are cooperating fully with the authorities, and are confident that we will be fully vindicated. We will have no further comment.”

The 22-year-old model posted a picture on her Instagram account, from Radio City Music Hall, with the hashtags: ‘#NewYork #Spring #Spectacular #Rockettes #RadioCity. #tonight #fresh #popcorn.’

Ambra Instagram post

Weinstein reportedly arranged for Battilana to come in to the offices for an audition and to ‘talk business’.

At the meeting, Weinstein, allegedly asked tif her breasts were ‘real’, before grabbing her breasts and putting his hand up her skirt.

Ambra Battilana vs Harvey Weinstein in sex assault claims

Surveillance footage from outside the Tribeca office was being analyzed, according to police sources.

Weinstein, who is originally from Queens, New York, founded Miramax studio with his brother Bob in 1979 and is worth an estimated $200 million.

Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman photos

He is married to gorgeous fashion designer Georgina Chapman, 25 years his junior, who founded the luxury label Marchesa.

Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman photos

The couple have been together for seven years and have a young son and daughter.

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  1. Another sickening aspect of this coverage is the “blackmail” angle based on Weinstein’s wealth; assuming that because of his monetary success he could do no wrong and any one accusing him of wrongdoing must be after his money. The reporting is so biased and skewered it doesn’t belong in any tabloid or newspaper. Also, the photos portraying Ambra as some “prostitute” and Weinstein with his wife as though a devoted family man is deplorable. A little more research at that point in time could have saved a lot of grief and sorrow for other women! We are with you Ambra!

  2. It is such an injustice to this lovely woman to depict her as some kind of gold digger and defend the PIG Weinstein as some kind of devoted husband and father, speaking of his money as though it puts him above the law and these kind of accusations, even discounting the bravery it took for Ambra to speak up when facing “career suicide” as the writer put it.

  3. Ambra is a very inspiring young woman who didn’t deserve any of this. We will always here for you, Ambra. Your fans love you so much. Good things come to you. Stay strong!


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