Friend To Bobbi Kristina Brown Reveals Extent Of Her Drug Use Before Drowning Incident


Bobbi Kristina Brown drug use revealed

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been hospitalized in a medically-induced coma since her near-drowning incident on January 31.

New tragic details have been slowly trickling out, with a friend of the 21-year-old revealing her shocking drug abuse.

The source claims to have witnessed Brown’s drug abuse, revealing she smoked weed as a teen.

Bobbi drug use became out of control after the death of her mother, Whitney Houston.  She moved on to much harder drugs.

Bobby Brown's daughter Bobbi Kristina with her late mother Whitney Houston

The friend reveals that Bobbi Kristina’s drug use was “daily”, claiming she was also doing heroin.  The pal adds she was snorting the heroin and not shooting up.

Bobbi Kristina Brown snorting cocaine, which contributed to her mother's death

The insider stated, “I don’t think heroin and opiates were until after she [Whitney] died”.  Bobbi Kristina used other drugs, but adds that opiates were the drug of choice.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon pics

The source said, “I do know the pills Roxicodone … I did them too. Roxies and Xanax and heroin.”

Brown’s friend is overcome with guilt for being involved in the drug use that has led to her friend on life support.

The friend said, “I feel so horrible about that now. It’s different when you’re an addict and sober and I should have been a certain way and I wasn’t. It’s not because I was a bad person. I had an addiction.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, found unconscious in a bathtub

Bobbi’s pal admitted, “Why didn’t I shake her and call her aunt”, wishing they would have reached out to Bobbi’s aunt Pat Houston.

The source said, “I have felt so guilty. She had so much going for her in life.”

It appears Bobbi Kristina never had much of a chance with her upbringing, watching her parents doing drugs during her childhood.

Nick Gordon, the troubled boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been writing some rather odd comments on Twitter recently.

Nick tweeted, “F**k everyone that says I didn’t try my hardest to protect WH & KG”.

Nick Gordon performed CPR on Bobbi Kristina

Gordon implied  he was the one that resuscitated her, oddly adding, “My baby is getting some much needed rest”.

Nick Gordon says Bobbi Kristina getting rest?

People magazine also previously reported that the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown regularly took heroin, cocaine, and Xanax in the months that led up to her the bathtub incident.

Several sources are reporting the family plans to remove her from life support this week. The whole situation is sad.

Stay away from drugs kids…

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