Former Creed Singer Scott Stapp Completes 90 Days Treatment In Rehab


Scott Stapp completes 90 day rehab treatment

Scott Stapp, the sexy former frontman for Creed, had fans worried he was totally off his rocker after some bizarre videos and statements months ago.

Stapp was reportedly dealing with mental health issues and was rumored to be on drugs.  Thankfully the singer received help in a treatment center for the past few months and is said to be doing well now.

Stapp previously filed a complaint against his estranged wife Jaclyn, accusing her of transferring $26,000 out of his personal Wells Fargo bank account without permission.

Jaclyn felt the need to come forward with news of Stapp’s mental illness and alleged drug use.

A Florida judge awarded Jaclyn legal and physical custody of the couple’s three children, ordering Scott to stay away from the family home.

Jaclyn Stapp wants Scott in treatment

At one point, she attempted to put the singer in a 60-day psychiatric hold after he allegedly threatened to kill himself and other erratic behavior.

He posted videos on Facebook claiming he was homeless and that he had no access to his money.

Fans assumed Stapp had fallen off the wagon again, something he has battled in the past.  Creed bandmates attempted to reach out and help, but he appeared to shut everyone out.

Scott Stapp super sexy

In one 911 call released, Scott’s wife claimed he told her he working with the CIA and was on a mission to assassinate President Obama.

There have been no updates, good or bad, on Stapp since December.  But earlier today, guitarist Mark Tremonti gave a positive update.

Tremonti told Loudwire, “Thank God he got through it all and his family got him into treatment. I think he went through a 90-day program. I know he went to get help and now he’s out of the treatment, so hopefully he stays sober.”

Tremonti added, “Family is the most important thing. You’ve just got to stay sober and clean and provide for your family and be there for your kids. For me, that’s what would always keep me out of trouble.”

Scott Stapp on road to recovery

Stapp has struggled with sobriety for years, quitting drinking alcohol at one point in 2010.  At that time he said, “The negative experiences of alcohol outweighed the positives. I came to a realization in my life that, hey, it’s time to cut it out. And you know what — I’m one of those kind of people, I guess, that has to find out the hard way.”

Scott Stapp and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti

Stapp and Creed reunited in 2009 after a five-year break, during which the other three members of the band launched a successful new group called Alter Bridge.

Stapp himself has recorded two solo albums. The last one, Proof Of Life, came out in November 2013.

Tremonti will release a new album from his self-named solo project, titled Cauterize, on June 9th.

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