Extra’s Terri Seymour Gives Birth To Baby Girl!


Terri Seymour & Clark Mallon photos

Terri Seymour and British model Clark Mallon have welcomed their first child.

The 40-year-old Extra reporter, who previously dated Simon Cowell, gave birth to a baby girl in Los Angeles on Monday.

Terri, 40, and Clark, 27, are reportedly thrilled over their new addition.

Seymour revealed in late January that she and her beau were expecting a baby girl.

Terri Seymour & baby daddy Clark Mallon

Terri hopes that her daughter can be a playmate for Simon Cowell’s son, Eric.

Seymour told People magazine at the time of the announcement, “I have always said I would be happy with a boy or girl, as long as the baby is healthy. But deep down inside I think I’ve always wanted a baby girl.  Clark and I are so excited and can’t wait for the big day!”

Terri and Simon have remained close friends after their split, revealing he was thrilled to learn she was pregnant.

She claimed he congratulated the couple and said he would have to be the godfather.

Simon Cowell wants to be Terri Seyour's child's godfather

She said, “Then he said it was perfect timing with his son Eric being so young and he hoped I would have a baby girl so he could set her up with Eric and they could date. How perfect would that be. Typical Simon.”

Simon Cowell carrying baby bottle

The former couple famously had a six year long relationship, which ended in 2008. Things ended on very good terms, with him giving her $5 million in cash and buying her a $4.6 million home in Beverly Hills.

There is no word yet on the name of Terri’s daughter. She has one in mind, but wanted to meet her first to see if the name would be a good match.

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