Ed Sheeran Shares Fan Note Calling Him “A Little Ugly”: WTF?


Ed Sheeran has gorgeous voice

Ed Sheeran may not be everyone’s cup of tea in the looks department, but is certainly not “ugly”.

The talented self-deprecating singer shared a rather rude but amusing note from a Korean fan on Instagram.

Sheeran took to Instagram to upload a photograph of the certain letter, in which he was insulted but took it on the chin.

The note reads, “To Ed Sheeran (my great singer). I hope you love the shirt. You are little ugly but I love you! Please wear this shirt and get some 2015 concert tour”.

Ed Sheeran posts Instagram of "ugly" letter

We adore Ed Sheeran’s great sense of humor and the guy is one talented musician.

This isn’t the first time Sheeran has poked fun at his own physique. During an interview with Billboard, he laughed off being considered a sex symbol.

He joked, “I don’t see myself as a sex symbol, but if other people do, I’m not going to complain. “I’m a singer that you never want to see shirtless. No one does! I haven’t got a six-pack or pecs.”

Sheeran even laughs off his famous ginger locks.

He stated,”The joke is, what is the one thing a ginger misses about partying? The invitation”.

He has another ready, “Have you ever seen the Harry Potter films? They’re very unrealistic, and it’s not just about the wizards and the dragons. It’s that a ginger could ever have two friends.”

Sheeran said, “Gingers got properly sectioned [picked on] in schools. It’s that racism is totally unacceptable in England, but you’ve got to take the piss out of someone. It’s all right. We will take over the world.”

Sheeran takes his cue from Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall. “He had a good approach to it: ‘I might be ginger but I f-ed your mum.”

He recently came in at No. 2 in a British poll devoted to readers’ favorite “weird crushes.”

We don’t know about you, but we find his attitude makes him even more attractive. Even if he is a ginger!

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