Dakota Johnson Hosts SNL: See The Best & Worst Sketches (VIDEOS)


Dakota Johnson SNL performance videos

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson showed off her comedy skills on last night’s Saturday Night Live.

The actress had her famous parents in the audience, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, pretending to be embarrassed of their daughter’s kinky film.  Check out the sketch videos!

In her opening comments, Johnson told the audience it was “such an honor” to be hosting SNL for the first time ever.

She stated, “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m currently starring in Fifty Shades of Grey.  Fifty Shades of Grey is the novel that made you never want to touch your mother’s Kindle again.”

Johnson joked that her dry cleaner refuses to look her in the eye and that her dog walker winks at her whenever he takes the leash off the wall.

Dakota Johnson hosts SNL videos

An audience member stood up in bondage gear, asking if she would sign his wife’s ball gag.

Dakota replied, “Now I understand why my parents won’t be seeing my movie”.

Dakota Johnson SNL bumpers

The pretty brunette also revealed her mother actually hosted SNL in 1988, adding that her father and former Miami Vice actor  proposed right after the show for a second time.

Don and Melanie were shown in the audience and jokingly shielding their eyes.

Giuliani (Birdman) Sketch:

“Say What You Wanna Say”

This sketch was amusing and sadly very accurate. Most of us are way too polite to honestly answer in these types of situations.


Saturday Night Live caused a little controversy with this parody of a car commercial that had a young girl joining ISIS, and not the US Army.

The father, played by Taran Killam, dropped off his daughter, played by Dakota Johnson, getting emotional as he said goodbye to his daughter. She replies, “Dad, it’s just ISIS”

Johnson jumped on a truck with actors playing members of the Islamic State. The dad tells the man to take care of his daughter, with the man replying, “Death to America.”

Most of us found see the sense of humor in the sketch (although it is disturbing). But others took to Twitter to bash the sketch.

One user, Raine LaChance, tweeted, “Can’t be serious. Isis skit? Like going to college? When so many people are being kidnapped and killed? Depraved”.

Dakota Johnson SNL bumpers

“Emergency Room”

This sketch was about a doctor (Kenan Thompson) that is on call on a day off, showing up in his Star Trek cosplay gear.

He shows up in a Worf mask and has to inform the family the patient had passed away.

Johnson had to hold back her laughter in the skit, but the end of the video paid tribute to Star Trek’s Spock (Leonard Nimoy). He sadly passed away at age 83 on Friday.

Faux Press Junket for Fifty Shades of Grey:

Kyle Mooney plays a student that shows up to interview Dakota Johnson for her film Fifty Shades. He wants to know about her “violent sexual encounters” and confirms that the ice cubes in the movie felt… cold. He goes to show you can’t judge a closet freak by their cover.

Rude co-workers:

Saturday Night Live spoofed obnoxious office workers (Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan and host Dakota Johnson) who could care less about their co-worker Margo (Aidy Bryant), who has two broken arms.


Dakota plays a stunning Cinderella with Taran Killam as a prince at a ball, but the mood is ruined by a crass Cecily Strong.

“Net Neutrality”

SNL attempts to comment on net neutrality, with Dakota’s nerdy character stating, “It’s really good to be out of the house”.

The best part was when Johnson gets slapped in the face, channels Anastasia Steele, and screams, “Harder!”

Melanie Griffith weighed in on her daughter’s performance on Sunday, tweeting, “She killed it!!! Wow! I loved her poise, her comic timing, her grace, loved everything she did!!”

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