Clint Eastwood’s New “Lady Friend” Christina Sandera An Alcoholic Gold-Digger?


Is Clint Eastwood's new girlfriend a nutjob?

Clint Eastwood showed off his new girlfriend Christina Sandera on the red carpet at the Academy Awards recently, but her ex-husband is speaking out about her violent past and criminal history.

Paul Wainscoat, who was married to Sandera for 11 months before filing for divorce, claims she was a violent drunk and wishes Clint “good luck with that woman”.

Wainscoat revealed that her drinking led to pretty nasty fights, some of which were physical.

He claims before they tied the knot she was arrested for domestic battery after assaulting him.  But the dummy went on to marry her anyway?

Christina’s ex-husband said after dating for two months that she flew into a rage when he refused to move in with her. She grabbed his shirt and scratched his neck to prevent him from leaving.

He called police and a police report and she was arrested for domestic battery, with officers noting a “strong odor” of liquor on her breath.

Christina Sandera mugshot photo

We would imagine that would have been the time Wainscoat would end the relationship, but instead he went on to marry her eight months alter.

He claims he spent $80,000 on their honeymoon, jewelry, and “dental work” for his wife.

Months after they tied the knot, Christina flew into a rage over the death of one of her cats.  He claims she screamed “Where are my kittens” and began smacking him with her fist and throwing a bottle of Gatorade that hit him in the back of the head.

Wainscoat also describes other strange behavior, which included her threatening to “axe” their furniture if he left her.

The marriage finally blew up in June 2003, when police responded to another domestic disturbance with Wainscoat claiming he was ‘being battered by his wife.’

Is Clint Eastwood's new girlfriend a nutjob?

In court papers Sandera said she was not an alcoholic but had quit booze and attended AA meetings.

Christina’s ex-husband said of the marriage, “It was hell.  I wish Clint all the luck in the world with that woman”.

Sandera, 51, and Eastwood, 84, have been dating since last summer after the two met while she was working as a restaurant hostess at Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Hotel.

Clint Eastwood home shared with Christina Sandera

Clint moved her into his $20 million mansion he built for his ex-wife Dina before their split in 2013 after 17 years of marriage.

Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood call it quits

We have a feeling Clint Eastwood wouldn’t put up with that type of behavior. In fact, we’re pretty certain he would tell her, “Go ahead, make my day”.

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