Britney Spears’ Hair Extension Falls Out On Stage: She’s Certainly Not The First (VIDEO)


Britney Spears loses hair extension during show

Britney Spears suffered a “hair malfunction” while performing in her Vegas show recently.

The singer was performing her song “Do Something” when a track of her extensions fell on the stage. Embarrassing? Probably.  But she can take comfort knowing it has happened to many celebrities.

The singer was on stage for her hit Piece Of Me show in Vegas last week, when fans watched as a chunk of her hair extensions slip out.

A section of her blonde extensions became loose and caught for a few seconds on her catsuit for a moment, before falling on the stage.

Video of Britney Spears' hair extension falling out

Spears, 33, was the ultimate professional and just ignored the incident.

A fan caught the moment on video and posted it on You Tube (of course).

During a live show things are bound to go wrong occasionally. Brit Brit is far from the first performer to have an issue with her nappy weave falling out.

Jennifer Lopez also suffered the same situation during one of her live shows in the past:

Demi Lovato has also suffered the same fate years ago:

Britney Spears signed a contract to perform for two more years with Planet Hollywood back in September. Her show will run through 2017.

The next show on her Piece Of Me calendar is Wednesday, March 4 at 9pm PST.

Britney Spears spends Christmas with Charlie Ebersol

Spears appears to be in a very good place these days, finding love with Charlie Ebersol.

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