Brady Bunch Star Barry Williams (Greg Brady) An Egotistical Jerk? (VIDEOS)


Barry Williams and Elizabeth Kennedy pics

Brady Brunch star Barry Williams, who starred as Greg Brady on the popular ABC series, appeared to be a nice guy.  But his former girlfriend and baby-mama has accused him of leaving her and their daughter “homeless and destitute”.

Any famous person has to be cautious about people trying to take advantage of them for financial gain, but this guy seems like a real prick.

Elizabeth Kennedy, who dated Barry for seven years, reveals the actor has only spent eight hours with his daughter.

Barry Williams (Greg Brady) abandoned daughter?

Elizabeth and their daughter, who is now three-years-old, were reportedly left “homeless and destitute” two weeks before Christmas.

Williams, 60, left his former girlfriend in 2011 and moved from Hollywood to Branson, Missouri, to pursue a career in entertainment.

Barry Williams and Elizabeth Kennedy photos

His stage career is now the subject of his own reality series, “A Very Barry Branson”.

In court documents, Barry claims Elizabeth got pregnant on purpose when he refused to marry her and insists she was nothing more than a ‘sexual companion’.

He has also described her as simply a ‘playmate”.

Kennedy spoke to Inside Edition’s Jim Moret, stating, “It’s the most hurtful thing that anybody’s ever done.”

Williams was previously married to Diane Martin between 1990 and 1992 before he tied the knot with Eila Mary Matt. The pair had had a child, Brandon Eric Williams in 2004, but split a year later.

Williams also appeared to be a truly nice guy, but showed his true colors in an episode of “Wife Swap” with Joe Piscopo and Barry Williams.

Barry Williams' dong is this big

He appeared to be a narcissist, believing the world revolves around him. Perhaps overlooking the fact he is a washed-up actor.

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