Adorable Russell Brand Bows Out Of SXSW Film Festival Documentary: “Too Painful & Sad”


Russell Brand not attending  Brand: A Second Coming premiere

British comedian Russell Brand is obviously entertaining and witty, but has also battled drug and alcohol addictions in his past.

Brand has decided not to attend the world premiere of his movie “Brand: A Second Coming”, which will be shown at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas tonight.  We agree sometimes painful experiences are left in the past.

The funny but caring and sensitive comedian revealed he wouldn’t be able to watch the documentary because it would be “very uncomfortable”.

We are certain his junkie past is not a part of his life he wants to dwell on now that he is happy and healthy.

Russell Brand so cute

The SXSW Film Festival begins Friday night with the premiere of “BRAND: A Second Coming,” which details his transformation from a junkie to a worldwide celebrity and outspoken activist.

Russell spent seven years working on the project, but decided the day before the premiere he will not be attending.

Russell Brand leaving yoga class barefoot

Director Ondi Timoner told the Daily News, “It is just difficult for Russell because it’s a very personal film and he is vulnerable in it. Reliving his life on screen is just not a pleasant experience for someone who has lived such a tumultuous life, and is now in a very different place, and so actively engaged in the present tense.”

Brand, 39, made the announcement that he would not be attending the premiere on his personal blog.

Russell Brand's lengthy statement on not attending SXSW

Russell Brand explains SXSW absence

Brand says that, having seen the final version of “BRAND: A Second Coming,” he found it “oddly intrusive and melancholy.”

We are certain fans will be disappointed to learn Russell will be a no-show, but sometimes people have to make the right decision for their own well-being.

Here’s one interview of Brand. We can’t help but find him very attractive. And he’s hilarious!

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