Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Freaks Out Over Thundersnow (VIDEO)


Jim Cantore gets excited over thundersnow

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore was thrilled to be witnessing thundersnow and just couldn’t hide that fact.

Cantore, who you may remember as the Chuck Norris of weather guys, was shown on air as he jumped around in the snow yelling in excitement.

Weather might not be that interesting to most people, but this 50-year-old meteorologist finds it fascinating.

Cantore was broadcasting while in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Sunday morning, where he waited silently and hoped to hear thunder.

The sound of thunder is heard and Cantore started jumping in the snow and said, “Oh yes, yes, yes! We got it baby, we got it, we got it. Woo! Woo! We got it. Yes. Listen to that! Listen to that!”

Jim Cantore goes nuts on air over rare weather

Cantore, shown with a great snow beard, continued to get very excited as he witnessed five additional claps.

Jim stated, “You can have your $500million jackpot in Powerball or whatever it was but I’ll take this baby”.

Jim Cantore goes nuts on air over rare weather

A Thundersnow storm is similar to a regular thunderstorm, except with snow instead of rain.

The snow quiets the sound of the thunder and it only has a blast radius of two to three miles, less than your typical snowstorm.

The American Meteorological Society reports an average of about six American thundersnow events per year.

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