Ummm…Is That Really You Uma Thurman? (Photos)


Uma Thurman looks different: before and after photos

Pulp Fiction star Uma Thurman pulled a “Renee Zellweger” on us when she returned to the red carpet on Monday to promote her new NBC miniseries ‘The Slap’.

Uma looked completely different and we don’t think it was just her makeup.

The Kill Bill actress and her new look reminds us of the controversy when Renee Zellweger appeared on the red carpet in October with a different looking face.

Zellweger later insisted her changing appearance may have been due to her now living a “happy, healthy and peaceful life”. Of course, fans were not buying it!

Thurman is making her return to the small screen in “The Slap”, a remake of an Australian series that will also feature Thandie Newton, Peter Sarsgaard, and Melissa George.

Uma Thurman The Slap premiere pics

The eight episode miniseries follows a man who hits another family’s child at a birthday party which sends shock waves through the neighborhood of friends and starts legal action. The series begins on NBC this Thursday.

Uma Thurman The Slap premiere pics

Uma Thurman was nearly unrecognizable when she hit up the red carpet last night. Check out some of these previous photos of Uma and weigh in with your thoughts.

Does she look different because of the minimal makeup around her eyes? Or do you think she has had work done?

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