Taylor Swift Releases Music Video For “Style”: Erases All Doubt It’s About Harry Styles (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift song about Harry Styles

Taylor Swift debuted her new music video for her song “Style” on Friday morning and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it’s about One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Swift gives us several major hints in the music video, removing all doubt that it’s about her famous ex-boyfriend.

She may have left off the “s” at the end of the song title, but she isn’t fooling anyone.

The music video appears to be part of a dream as she walks on the beach and shows cracked mirror images.

Taylor Swift's new music video Style

Actor Dominic Sherwood, who is dating Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, plays the role of Harry. Not to mention the fact he is also British.

Swift sings about being picked up at midnight in a car with no headlights and suggests he was hooking up with other girls.

One major hint this song is about Styles includes her focusing on a small paper airplane pendant on her necklace.

Taylor Swift airplane necklace in Style video

The necklace is one owned by Harry that he gave to Taylor while they were dating.

Taylor Swift airplane necklace in Style video

Taylor previously confirmed who the song was about, telling Rolling Stone, “We should have just called it I’m Not Even Sorry.”

Style is the third music video from her album 1989.  She previously released the videos for Shake It Off and Blank Space.

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